Friday, January 1, 2010

3 Goals for 2010

I made a short list of goals for 2010...3 things that I know I am capable of doing!

1. Continue finding ways to be a better mom and wife. No one's relationship is perfect and that goes for mine too! There are lots of things that I can do to be better wife to Chris and mom to Brayden.

2. Put myself out there more. I pretty much stay at home or go out with my family. That's it. I rarely go to playgroups or church functions because, well, I'm really shy in groups like that and I just feel uncomfortable! I'd like to get more involved and make some new friends.

3. Work on my health - continue to work on losing these last 10 pounds, making doctors appointments for myself when I need them (I'm TERRIBLE at dragging myself to the doctor) and working out. I'd like to get toned! Okay, okay, and maybe I should start limiting my trips to Chickfila. Maybe.

What are some of your goals?


Meg said...

I think those three are great goals for 2010. I am completely on board with the becoming a better wife/mother thing (minus the mother thing for me). :) If you are constantly working on your relationship only good things can come.

When I was a full time nanny, I took the kids to playgroups. They were great, it was nice to get out and talk to adults while the kids were able to play. I needed to get out of the house because the days were just so long!

I am also with you when it comes to getting toned. I would love to lose 10 more pounds also, but I am more interested in becoming toned. What are you planning on doing to get into shape?

Lianna Knight said...

Great goals Jenna!

I hope 2010 is your best year YET!


Vanessa said...

I feel you on the Chick-fil-a! That place will be the death of me!

Lauren said...

Wonderful goals and hopes, Jenna! I'll be posting my in the next couple of days!

Happy New Year!!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I live in your area and would love to meet some other stay at home moms! It is one of my goals, too. Anyway, I would love to do a playdate or lunch--don't worry, we can go to a totally public place since we only know each other through blogs. Email me if you are Please don't feel obligated as my feelings will not be hurt if you aren't comfortable with the idea. Just putting the invitation out there.

The 'Ssippi Scoop said...

I wish I lived in the area, Jenna, because I'm with you on the "put myself out there more." I want to do more volunteering and I don't get out and mingle with other women the way I should either. I am very much a homeboddy unless I'm with family. Bailey goes to childcare some during the week because she and I needed to learn to breathe without each other, but most of the time we just hang out waiting on Daddy to get home.

Great goals and good luck! Here's to a much better start of the New Year!

marion said...

Once a week I go to a 'mother and baby' club and I really enjoy it. We mums share our experiences while our kids share toys :)

As regarding relationships. We all need to work hard in order for our marriage or relationship to work. Otherwise I believe that it will end. A friend of mine who is a priest once gave me this precious advice which goes; 'as soon as you wake up in the morning, ask yourself what you can do today to make your partner/husband happy'. And I truly believe that it does work.

If you try it out once, you feel so happy that you want to do it again :) I find that it is my secret, not a secret anymore,but I had to share this. Please do try it out.

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