Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update and Thank You!

First - THANK YOU to all of those who let me know where you are posting/reading from! Such a cool experience! I think I'm still a little shocked that you all care to read about us!! But thank you for doing it!

I have a B update. Kinda.

B isn't feeling well, which perhaps is part of the sippy/bottle/milk/soy/formula issue. He doesn't have a temp, but he has a clear runny nose and just has no energy. Remember my post on our schedule? Well that's been out the window.

All he wants to do is sleep. He had his shots on the day of his 1 year doctor appointment and the next day he developed the runny nose. Oh and his extreme need for sleep. When he's awake he only wants to be held. At night he's been sleeping from about 7pm - 8am.

BUT, we were able to try out a few suggestions. I think I'm going to wait until he is feeling 100% to really decide what he likes and what to do. Several of you suggested filling his sippy with water and adding a splash of milk, and then for his bottles that have the soy milk adding instant breakfast for calories and taste. We're doing both of those right now, so THANK YOU!

If you have any other suggestions, keep em' coming!
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