Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Want. I Want NOW.

Mr. B has a new habit. Pointing.

He doesn't point with one finger, but it's more of a whole hand jab.

Exhibit A:

And if you don't give Mr. B what Mr. B wants in a timely fashion, he might just lose it. Totally.

I thought that this wasn't supposed to begin until he was 2!!

He does the whole kicking his feet screaming until he's red in the face thing. Now, just because Mr. B thinks that he simply must have my cell phone, glasses, glass of water, remote control or laptop, does not mean I give it to him - especially because 99% of the time we are at home and I can put up with the tantrums without, say, disrupting a bunch of people trying to eat their lunch or something.

But I am a little worried that soon this behavior will transfer over to when we are out in public. He's a little too...well, little, to be truly disciplined and he thinks it is hilarious when I tell him no.

How did you deal with the early forms of temper tantrums?

(Oh and don't forget to enter to win a onesie just like the one B is wearing!)
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