Monday, January 18, 2010

Whose Hungry?

We had B's one year well baby visit today!

He is still at 50% for height and less than 5th for weight. Our pediatrician said there is nothing wrong with him and he is just a tall, skinny boy! My brother and I were exactly the same way - actually I think Jeff was 100 percentile for height and like, 0 for weight! I guess that is just how our family is!

Anyway, our doctor gave us the go ahead to either switch him to soy milk or toddler soy formula. We decided to try Lactaid soy milk first (we went with that brand because it had the highest calorie count - which is still less calories per ounce than what we mix his formula to). He also suggested moving B to just a cup! Ahh!

So, I asked if we could keep him on his night time bottle because I'm scared of what will happen if I take that bottle away...I'm guessing a total freak out!

Moms...any advice? How did your kids take to the transition of cup to bottle and formula to milk?

We are going to continue to watch his weight - we weigh him before every bath and always have. If there is a significant decrease we will probably switch back to the bottle for now, and possibly put him on toddler formula so that I can control his calories. The doctor gave me the best compliment a mom can get - that I'm doing a great job with him! That made me so happy!
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