Monday, November 14, 2011

Bad Pins

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I love Pinterest.

But occasionally I've run across what I call a "bad pin" meaning a pin that:
a.) Doesn't work
b.) Tastes bad (for recipes)
c.) When you click on the link theres no real information

That said, I've come across many, many good ones too! I'd say it's 90% good and 10% bad!

But, I'm curious...have you run across any you didn't like? Here are a few that didn't work out so well for me.

To protect the innocent, I'm not posting their links or pics. =)

1.) I was talking to my friend Whitney about this, like two minutes ago, but I keep seeing a pin out there that says if you place a wooden spoon over a boiling pot of water, it won't boil over.

So, here's my story. I was cooking pasta, and I needed to run into another room to grab something. The water was boiling and I placed a wooden spoon over the top, just like in the picture. I left. And I came back to a gigantic mess. The water boiled over, extinguished my burner flame, and leaving starchy, salty water all over my burners.

2.) Recipes - I've tried a few recipes that just didn't work out for me. One was this cheddar chicken pasta - it looked SO good but it just turned out weird. I think it was the type of cheddar that was called for; it just had a bad taste. Once I pinned this blog that was supposed to have all these crockpot recipes - when I got to it, there were 40 recipes (or something like that) and she told you what she made but not how to make any of it! Bad pin!

3.) Bad links - I have pinned a lot of workout ideas and I would say that at least 75% of them are for Tumblr blogs and they take me to weird links that either don't have anything to do with workouts or are workout blogs but not the right post! Frustrating!

4.) Crafts. Really, need I say more? There have been several...incidents. One involving spray paint. Let's just say, I no longer assume that I am capable of any craft I see on Pinterest!

5.) The last problem that I've run into a couple of times has to do with Printables. Either they aren't actually there when I go to the site or they don't print out the way they say they will or I have to spend 87 hours downloading software just to be able to print them out.

Have you run into any bad pins?

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