Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cookie Bakin' Boy

Last week I picked up some things at the store to make sugar cookies with Brayden. He was so excited! He loves being in the kitchen with me and when I let him "help" it completely makes his day.

So we made some Halloween cookies - a cat, a pumpkin and a ghost. He loved using the cookie cutters!

Brody had to see what we were up to:
I had the ladder out because I keep my box of cookie cutters at the top of one of my cabinets, and I can't reach it. Brayden drug it over to the oven to watch his cookies bake.
And Brody joined him:
I also bought some sparkly gel icing in these great tubes for him. I showed him how to use it and then let him decorate!

For some reason, we didn't get a picture once everything was done, but they were cute - and tasty!
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