Monday, November 21, 2011

Brody's First Birthday Party Details!

There were too many pictures for me to do Brody's party in one post, so I'm breaking it down a little bit!

This first post is all of the details of his party!

Chris and I made everything ourselves, which was a fun undertaking for two not very crafty people!

The one thing that we did that isn't in this post, but will be in the next one is his 12 months of pictures.

First, his birthday banner:
Chris designed everything in Photoshop and we put it together. Here are the cupcake toppers and the food signs:

Now I didn't make this - here is Brody's smash cake! There is a local bakery that has competed on the Food Network Challenge many times (and won!) and they made this cake. I drew it out and took in color swatches for them, ha! I'm a teensy bit OCD.

I made the FAMOUS Parmesan Chicken Salad. It was a hit!
My mom made her pasta salad but substituted bow tie pasta instead of rotini. It was so cute!
She also made my very favorite spinach dip. I'll post the recipe soon. I made another dip that I'll be sharing on a separate post so that I can file it into my recipes section!

The drinks sign!
So those are some of the details! Pictures of the birthday boy are coming tomorrow!
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