Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy birthday Brody!

I can't believe it - but today is Brody's first birthday!

This year has flown by! It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital...

And now look at my big little man!
Here are your 1 year milestones Brody!

You've taken 5 steps several times.

You weigh about 23lbs.

You wear a size 5 diaper, and size 18-24 month clothing.

You hate shoes and do anything you can to take them off. And you try to eat them.

You love food. You can't stand to be anywhere near a table if you aren't getting something to eat.

You are incredibly serious. You study everything and are very hesitant around new people.

You say mama, dada, something like bubba for Brayden, yeah and no. You try to say Grammy.

You lose your mind if Chris, my mom or I walk away from you. You seem to think we are never coming back, even if I'm just going to the laundry room. It completely breaks your heart.

You are so sweet. You love to give kisses and be held.

Your favorite thing is a stuffed bunny rabbit. You have to have it to sleep with and you love to carry it around.

You want to be wherever Brayden is. It doesn't matter what he's doing - if he's in timeout, you are sitting with him!

You are the sweetest, smiliest, most serious little boy and we can't imagine our life without you! Happy birthday my precious Brody!

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