Monday, February 22, 2010


Today I took Brayden to his very first Gymboree class!

I really want him to be around kids more often so that maybe he won't totally lose it every time I put him in the church nursery.

I got there early and we were able to play by ourselves for a little bit. Once he realized that I wasn't leaving he had a ball!

You'll notice that for once, he is hardly looking at the camera. I think I was annoying him. It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that I took nearly 200 pictures in 45 min's. Nope.

The big green slide:

He found this gigantic ball and he LOVED it. I think he would have brought it home if I'd have let him!

This is his teacher, Ms. Amanda. He marched his little self right up to her and took one of the balls she was holding.
B's friend Harper was there today for the first time too! He looked at her like, "I think I know you from somewhere...."
I tried in vain to get him to flash me a toothy grin from the opposite end of this tunnel.
The famous snail slide!
When it was time to push the big air filled cylinder, he lined up like he knew exactly what to do and took off!
BUBBLE TIME!!!! Need I say more?
We had such a fantastic time! I signed him up for a membership and we'll be going to class once a week and then there is free play time 3 times a week. If you want to sign up there is a special promotion going on now. You can get $50 off if you sign up before the 28th.

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