Thursday, February 4, 2010


B is an aspiring model.

Ok, so maybe he's not really an aspiring model. Maybe he just enjoys climbing up onto the fireplace hearth and sitting there posing.

This is his serious look.

And his happy look.
And those 1, 546 fingerprints are all his, all from that day. That glass gets cleaned a lot.

I spent the last two hours getting a fixed retainer on my bottom teeth (joy) and letting my doctor attempt to fix my top aligner (I'm doing invisalign). Looks like I'll have to wear it for a few more months (double joy).

Tomorrow I've got lunch with a friend and then a concert. You know, a church concert. Because I've never been to a real concert that didn't take place at church. Seriously. Chris thinks we should go to one. Have you been to a concert? Who's your favorite group?
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