Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why on earth I am doing THAT

This is a little crazy.

I woke up on Sunday and decided that I was going to go 7 days without sugary drinks. 7 whole days. Now, keep in mind I almost never drink coke. Or pop. Or soda. Whatever floats your boat. But that's not really what I mean.

I consume abnormally large amounts of sweet tea. Oh and cran-grape juice. I mean mass quantities people.

So on Sunday morning, I thought for some reason that this was a brilliant idea, and started tweeting about my 7 day project of abstaining from sweet tea primarily. How easy would this be, I thought to myself. How simple, really. Gosh, 7 days?! I should try 30!

Then Monday came. And I had a headache. Just this short of being a full blown migraine. And I realized that sugar withdrawals and caffeine withdrawals must be two very similar animals.

No worries. It'll be gone tomorrow. Right?


Tuesday and Wednesday came and went.

Today is Thursday and I still have my headache. Never mind that single glass of coca cola I had at playgroup (that wasn't technically against the rules and I won't be having any more anyway).

The killer lack of sugar headache still lingers.

And I am counting down til' Sunday.


On a totally separate note, Foodista asked me to submit my German Chocolate Cake recipe for possible publication in their cookbook. If you'd like to vote for it, click on the link on my right sidebar. To read my recipe, just click here.
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