Thursday, February 18, 2010


Great comments on my last post! I love reading each and everyone!! I am so glad I wrote that - I almost deleted it before I published! I had no idea so many of you felt the same way that I feel!

Today was playgroup at Kelly's house. I think Brayden thought I was dropping him off and leaving because he lost it the second I set him down. Harper couldn't figure out why he was so upset!

Once he realized that I was indeed staying, he and Harper pushed around her highchair.
And then he settled in to read a book.
This was my sweet friend Julie and Shepherd's first playgroup. Little Shepherd did SO well! He is such a good, calm, laid back little guy! And of course, SUPER cute!
Tracy and her two adorable daughters Sarah Grace and Lena were there as well but I forgot to snap a pic!

We had a great time with some WONDERFUL food! I'd never had poppyseed chicken before and now I think I'm hooked! It was so good!

Please take a minute to visit Megan and Legrand. Megan and her unborn baby Cohen need our prayers as well as Legrand, a local injured soldier.
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