Friday, February 26, 2010

Upon which she insulted the entire state of Missouri...

Does anyone else watch Real Housewives? (FYI, a lot of you can't pretend you don't because we all talk about it on Thursday nights on Twitter!!).

I am very conflicted about Alexis.

Now, I know we only see like 12 minutes of each person once a week and that's not a lot of information to go on. I've read some of her Bravo blogs in an attempt to better understand her. But I still don't get her.

I was really thrown off last week by her conversation with her pastor. I think he was even more thrown off. And his wife was possibly the most weirded out.

Anyway, last night she made the comment (no, not the one about her hair smelling like air) about how girls in Missouri only wear jeans and t-shirts and are plain (or something like that). Um, what? Did anyone else follow that?

What do you make of her? Overall, I'm just confused.
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