Sunday, February 28, 2010


I guess I got in a little bit of a hurry yesterday when I was writing about the new office furniture.

Several of you asked where I found it - actually, Chris found the furniture. We'd been looking for awhile and knew we wanted something that was good and solid, and that would last us a really long time. Everything we liked was ridiculously overpriced (shocking, I know!). Then somebody told us that Riverside Furniture had a factory down near where Chris' dads family lived. So he called his dad and got the number for the factory and called them directly. We looked at their site and found this furniture and they were able to give us a great deal. We were able to save over 30% by buying direct from them.

If you follow me on Twitter (remember, I changed my account to private, so send me a follow request and if you are sending me messages and not hearing back, then it's because I can't see them - send me an email and we can fix that!) you may have seen my tweet about finding a GREAT deal on a rug from Ballards. This is the rug I bought to go in the office under the new desk:
The bad thing is I bought it about a week ago and it still hasn't shipped. Chris called them yesterday and they said it could be 4-6 weeks! I thought that was a little crazy!

I hope that answers all your questions! Also, a lot of times when you comment here on my blog, I write you back through Disqus (my commenting system). Make sure you enter your email address so you get my replies!
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