Friday, February 26, 2010

Glow In The Dark.

That's how I often describe my skin color.

I'm seriously pale. And I don't tan. I'm either red or white. I think if I go outside for 5 minutes without sunscreen I burn to a crisp. And my burns don't turn into tans they go from bright red to stark white.

Which brings me to my topic - makeup. I used to wear Clinique but then I realized that they didn't make makeup that was pale enough for me and I always had that oh-so-flattering makeup line around my face. The best part was none of my friends, family or ahem, HUSBAND pointed it out. I had to see a picture of myself and then ask Chris if I always looked that that. Hurmph.

Anyway, that sent me on the hunt for makeup that actually equaled my paleness. Which brings me back to this post - I've gotten countless emails from readers who are apparently as pale as I am asking where I get my makeup! I've always responded individually, but I thought I may as well do a post since apparently a lot of you suffer from the same issue as I did!

For my face: I use Merle Norman foundation, concealer and powder. They are the only brand I've found that covers well (I have lots of freckles that I like to try and hide!) and matches my skin tone. Foundation: Luxiva Timeless in Cream. Powder: Ultra Powder Foundation in Ultra Fair.
However, they don't have any blush that I think works well for my super pale skin, so I use Sephora Brand No. 3, Framboise Attraction.

For my eyes: I use Maybelline or Cover Girl eyeshadows, Cover Girl eyeliner (they make a great one that is like a crayon. I don't do well with liquid or pencil eyeliners) and Maybelline mascara.

I'm not saying by any stretch of the imagination that I am great at doing makeup. But I do understand how hard it is to find makeup that will match a pale girls skintone, so I hope this helps!

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