Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mops and Dates

Today I went with Jennifer to MOPS at her church. It was so much fun! Sara was there too! They are such sweet girls and I had a great time, even though Brayden threw a fit and they had to come pull me out early to get him!

Four men from their church were doing a Q&A panel, and women had submitted their questions into the moderator. They gave really good and very honest feedback. It's so interesting to hear how men think, because they tend to go about things in an entirely different way than women! One example I loved was when a question was asked about multi-tasking. One of the guys said that they do multi-task, just in a different way. Where as women, we might have 12 balls in the air at one time, they have 12 balls laying out in front of them. They pick one up, then set it down, and pick another up.

At the end, another husband, who I think is on staff at the church, started talking about this new program they are going to do called The Great Date Experiment. It sounded interesting so when I got home, I looked it up. Chris and I are so excited about doing this! For 6 weeks, there will be pre-planned dates (not like, go to this restaurant, eat this food etc). They are going to be designed to challenge you and take you out of the typical dinner/movie date (which, coincidentally, Chris and I are doing on Friday! Ha!).

If you want to participate with your spouse, you can go here to print out the date planner. Don't read ahead though!
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