Sunday, February 21, 2010

I never thought I'd see the day...

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13 months ago, when Brayden was being fed through IV fluids, bottles were the least of my concern. A few weeks later Brayden received his first bottle (from a nurse - for some reason that I can't remember, they wouldn't let us feed him that bottle...maybe because our favorite nurse wasn't there) and everything changed.

(His first bottle)

I remember sitting in the NICU feeding Brayden and begging him to eat his bottle. Chris and I would pep talk him and tell him to take just one more MIL, one more MIL. Rarely did he listen. We knew that he had to take a certain amount or we'd never get to go home. Every tiny drop made a big difference.

He often ate better for Chris and there were days that I had Chris give him all of his bottles because I was scared that if I fed him and he didn't eat well, it would delay our eventual release.

When we brought him home, bottles still weighed heavily on our minds. We took him into his Pediatrician's office many times for weigh in's. We worried that we weren't thickening his bottles correctly, or enough. When he flat out refused a bottle or two I would cry and beg him to just take a half an ounce.

And today my little guy downs 8 ounce bottles like they're going out of style. He stuffs his face with more real food than I'd ever imagined he'd eat. I never thought I'd see the day. But I am so glad I do.
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