Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We are home now!

We headed to ACH earlier than we thought this morning - they were able to get us in sooner so that we didn't have to travel back home in the dark.

B was so happy to be there and see all of his friends!

This is Tessa (the best occupational therapist ever). She conducted Brayden's study today. She didn't get to do his last one because she was getting married!

This is a short video that will show you what a swallow study looks like. I'm up front with Brayden. I'm feeding him chocolate flavored barium while Tessa and the radiologist watch the monitor above my head. At the end of the video, my dad cuts over to a screen that they can watch which is showing the xray movie of Brayden drinking.

Unfortunately, Brayden did not pass. He still cannot drink thin (regular) liquids. We will have to continue to thicken everything for another year.

However, we are very, very thankful that this is the only thing we have to deal with. Brayden could have and should have walked away from his illness with many, many things wrong and praise God, he is a healthy child with no other issues.

After Brayden's test, we of course headed up to the NICU so we could visit our favorite nurse Sayward and Mr. George. He loves his Sayward!

And then we went down to the lobby to await our radio interview. We saw Michelle Duggar again today!
Soon it was our turn to go on the air (and, by the way, thanks for all the twitter messages and emails!). We shared Brayden's story for the ACH share-a-thon and gave an update on him.
Then we headed home! Tomorrow, if it's not cancelled I will go to my first ever MOPS group! We are so looking forward to it!
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