Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm a big boy now!

Last night Chris wanted to go to Red Robin so we headed out. We had the friendliest waiter. He's a young guy and he was just one of those really great waiters (I don't know if he's single but if any of you young girls in the area are looking for a good guy, head on over to Red Robin!).

Mr. B was so interested in everything he was doing. He brought him some crackers and B took them from him and then he asked us if he could bring him a kiddie cup. I hesitated because I've offered B a straw several times but he's never taken me up on it.

Well I guess it was a whole new concept because the waiter gave it to him. He acted like he's been drinking out of a straw his whole life.

He had lemonade (he loves tart things - he does NOT get that from me). And here's big news. I didn't thicken it (we have to thicken everything he drinks). He is going back to Little Rock next week for another swallow study and our doctor asked us if we'd offered him thin liquids just to see what he did. Now that he is over his sickness we are offering him some thinner liquids.

I can't imagine what it would be like to just pour a bottle and give it to him. Making his bottles is quite the process especially when he is hungry and wants it asap. We're hoping for great results next week!
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