Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Recipe Tuesday - Results Beef & Noodles

So, I made the beef and noodles last night. And from your twitter messages, blog comments, and emails, it sounds like a lot of you did too!

Here is what I did (I had to make a few changes)...

I first cut up the onion into a fine dice and decided to saute it over low by itself until translucent instead of adding the beef at the same time. I think that made a big difference in the final texture.

Once translucent, I added the beef...
Then the broth, and finally the onion soup mix. I let it simmer for awhile and tasted it - and then decided it needed sour cream. So I added about 1/2 a cup.

Once it had simmered for 15 min's I checked it again. The sauce wasn't thick enough for me, so I added cornstarch which thickened it right up.
I ended up serving it over whole wheat egg noodles. I have to say that we mostly eat whole wheat noodles and I like them, but these did have a slightly odd taste. It probably would have been better with plain egg noodles or some other whole wheat pasta.

So, did you make a new recipe last night? How'd it go?
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